Decide Between Being a Web Designer v/s Web Developer

Web Designing and Web Development are two co-dependent professions but different in certain characters. Often individuals mix up these two different jobs which require different skill set. With our Google Analytics, we can certainly state that both jobs are in high demand and industries are looking for ‘web companies’ for an attractive and responsive website.

In this blog, we are going to talk about both courses so that our readers could have a clear understanding and pick the most suitable course for them at Piford Technologies, whether web development training or web designing training in Chandigarh.

Web Designing and Web Development in a nutshell

As the name suggests, Web Designing is the process of creating a desktop layout of a website with design programs such as Adobe Photoshop. A web designer works on visual aspects such as appearance, colours, fonts images etc rather than Software Development.

In web designing training in Mohali, a candidate will acquire skills for the creation of the PSD version of the website. It is built to provide a user experience aspect and based on the design the coding process is initiated.

In the case of Web Development, coding or programming takes place for the functionality of a website. It mostly deals with the non-designing part where a website is constructed based on the PSD version of the design. This process is also known as conversion from PSD to HTML. To make the website functioning, a web developer uses programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT etc.

Eliminate the Myths

Certain prevalent myths mislead a candidate and act as a hindrance while opting for the most suitable course. Let us eliminate the most prevalent myths for you. Often candidates state that web development is harder than web designing training as it involves high-level programming. Others see website designing more complex as it involves intrinsic creativity. Being the best web development and web designing training institute in Chandigarh, we would like to dispel this myth.

You would be learning both courses from scratch which are equally hard to learn. You need to analyse your inherent qualities to make the right decision.

Both designers and developers can build a website from scratch where designers are focussed more on planning and designing whereas developers emphasise more on technical aspects by implementing the plan. Please don’t expect that web designing training in Mohali will not involve coding. A team of designers and developers work together where a web designer takes care of user experience.

Choose the best for you

If you are still confused and not able to decide whether you should enroll for web development training or web designing training in Chandigarh, then let us simplify this for you. You need to analyze your fundamental characteristics. A web designer can plan a layout and focuses more on visual characteristics. On the other hand, a web developer or programmer looks more into the technical aspect paying close attention to details.

In case of any query feel free to reach Piford Technologies for the best web development and web designing training in Chandigarh. We hope you will make the right decision.

Career scope after doing PHP training in Chandigarh

Can one trace the beginning of PHP? Well maybe yes, but can you guess when PHP reached its heights in popularity? Well, it was when Mark Zuckerberg built facebook sing it. PHP developers apply it in many fields and they serve the purposes like web-based applications, software for chatting purposes, customizing applications and even CMS.

All kinds of computer languages are dynamic, they change and get better with time. PHP is entirely a web-based server-side language and its utilitarian values include web applications, but what’s fascinating is that it has the potential to make programs on every platform possible.

PHP programming language gives the programmers a lot of freedom, from adding different widgets to adding different features like logos, icons, shopping carts and even pictures in no time at all.

PHP training in Chandigarh has started to become really popular. If you are planning to have a good career as a web developer, then training in Chandigarh can be something to look forward to. PHP developing has a lot of future scopes and here are some reasons as to why it is the best:

  1. Visibility: PHP is everywhere on the internet right now. It is one of the most popular languages used by developers and if one browses every other page will have extensions which say .php or .SQL
  2. For blogging purposes: blogs are the most common and popular thing among the youth of today. You can see all kinds of bloggers all over social media these days. Blogs are usually built in WordPress and guess what that is also designed by PHP. PHP is a really simple language and even if you are not that good technically you will be able to work with it.
  3. CMS holding hands with PHP: That heading sounds like a high school gossip scandal, but in reality, it’s something that benefits us too. Thousands of CMS that support PHP are available all over the internet for downloading purposes. CMS helps PHP open websites with ease.
  4. PHP and MySQL: you should know by now that the duo PHP and My SQL are used in a lot of web application developments. Again this makes it easier for someone who is not good with the hi-tech stuff to use.
  5. PHP being simple: PHP is extremely simple and this simplicity makes it even more vulnerable to be having a future which is full of opportunities. There are many other languages but they are hard to deal with.


PHP developers earn an average salary of Rs. 240,156 per annum.  On top of that, if you have a shinning degree of training from Chandigarh on your resume your salary can go up too. Piford technologies are one of the best training institutes in Chandigarh right now. They have great live-in project programs which help the students get a field experience which will make them do well even in the future. PHP development is one of the brightest prospects in the country right now and if one has the right knowledge and skills building a career in this field will prove to be really beneficial.