Why you should learn python language – An insight – Python Training in Chandigarh

python training in Chandigarh

The era of programming language

Computer languages have been an evolving subject since its initiation from BASIC, COBOL, and C to Java, Python, etc. With its new maneuvers of controlling data and storage computer languages have always been upgraded from complex codes to simple and more comprehensible sets of instructions. Each and every version of computer language has always seemed to focus on two basic aspects. Get python training in Chandigarh One is the time taken to execute a program while others being its easy implementation. With the sole purpose of improving execution time and code implementation, the language designed for computer understanding has always been in an upgrade spree with each version bringing something new to the table. The following years have seen languages like C and Java being the universal language for developing programs and software applications. Being most commonly used the two mediums were hugely relied on by various tech firms that work in developing and testing software.

Though the two compadres of computer languages have been a great influence for many companies things began to take a turn after Python was formed. No not the snake! Python is a computer language that is claimed to be much faster and easy to understand than its former brothers. The language is easy to understand and works much faster in comparison to Java and C++. Even if you are new to programming you can start with Python and will have no problem in understanding its core functions. Being the main backhand behind renowned websites Python is used in developing popular websites such as Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Reddit, and even Instagram.

Evolution of Python

While there are many languages from where you can start your programming course python should probably be your go-to language. Java initially was the beginning subject of a programmer but as soon it was replaced in 2016 by Python the former language was never looked back. If you are willing to know the reason for learning Python then go through the various tech blog posts and articles and you will get the big picture. Companies based on software development and programming is now using Python as their official language. Being said that it doesn’t mean that you have to avert from its former counterparts. It’s always better to learn the classic ones after you are accustomed to modern applications.

Why you should Learn Python?

Apart from being used in the development of renowned websites learning Python should be enforced upon several institutions and organizations for the following reason.

  • Python is the best option for data science. Offering diversity the programming language offers much more than similar counterparts like R.
  • Machine learning, an evolving subject, is based on Python.
  • Web Development is the newest employment opportunity and requires being adept with Python.
  • Python has the biggest community buildup which will help you to learn the language more quickly.
  • With a various number of open source libraries, modules and framework Python is the most preferred option for developing the application. Hence if you are looking to establish your career on application development then you have to get accustomed to Python.


With rapid advancing of years new mode of education, employment and research have opened up that is promising for the future. India being an influential sector of software development has encouraged uprising programmers to get accustomed to Python. Piford Technologies is one of the best institutes that provides python training in Chandigarh.