Importance of Android Training in Chandigarh

Android Training in Chandigarh

Android is renowned as the most popular operating system among smartphone users making a mobile phone smarter with its supplementary features. As per recent data from, there are 2.5 Billion active Android users and it is anticipated that by 2023 the market share for the android system will expand to 87.1% from 86.7% in2019. These statistics indicate towards rising demand of android system and thus for android developers as well.

Due to such excessive demand, young generation and IT professionals are emerging towards Android Training as the course commits a promising career. Every brand these days wish to develop a user-friendly mobile application to communicate with its customers effectively and deliver efficient services. Keeping in mind all these factors, Piford Technologies presents a well-planned course structure offering Android Training in Chandigarh to prepare aspirants for upcoming demand.

Why Android training is in such demand?

  • Android is a flexible platform allowing developers to build apps and games.
  • Android holds 87.1% of smartphones market share.
  • Android provides its users with multitudinous new features that were not available before.
  • With basic knowledge of programming and mobile technologies, anyone can apprehend the functioning of android and be a developer.
  • Due to its high demand in industry, organizations are ready to pay huge packages to professionals.
  • Android development is a dynamic field filled with challenges and provides the opportunity of the invention daily
  • The career options are not restricted until the 9-5 job. You can opt for freelancing or work from home or even develop your applications.
  • Android is an open-source platform allowing its develops to easily develop and edit the applications
  • Google allows the developer to price their app as per their will which means you can develop an innovative app and charge users for it to generate revenue.


An Android developer needs to have a niche for learning to be a successful developer in the market. No doubt you need to be creative and identify opportunities as well. But it is really very important to grasp some important skills such as JAVA and XML allowing you to work on coding and app layout and design. Mentors at Piford Technologies will cover all required skills through modules specially designed for Android Training in Chandigarh by industry leaders.


Experts at Piford Technologies are well versed and familiar with the industry needs. Our IT professionals provide Android Training keeping in mind the international standards with a motive to make our candidates first choice of every IT Industry. With our course, you will be industry ready with complete knowledge of the latest technologies and trends.

If you are a fresher at the beginning of a career or a professional looking towards switching the career then Piford Technologies is perfect for Android Training in Chandigarh. We not only excel our candidates in application development but provide them basics of android and core JAVA for deep learning. After completion of the course, you will obtain a crystal clear vision of the technology and its functioning.