Decide Between Being a Web Designer v/s Web Developer

Web Designing and Web Development are two co-dependent professions but different in certain characters. Often individuals mix up these two different jobs which require different skill set. With our Google Analytics, we can certainly state that both jobs are in high demand and industries are looking for ‘web companies’ for an attractive and responsive website.

In this blog, we are going to talk about both courses so that our readers could have a clear understanding and pick the most suitable course for them at Piford Technologies, whether web development training or web designing training in Chandigarh.

Web Designing and Web Development in a nutshell

As the name suggests, Web Designing is the process of creating a desktop layout of a website with design programs such as Adobe Photoshop. A web designer works on visual aspects such as appearance, colours, fonts images etc rather than Software Development.

In web designing training in Mohali, a candidate will acquire skills for the creation of the PSD version of the website. It is built to provide a user experience aspect and based on the design the coding process is initiated.

In the case of Web Development, coding or programming takes place for the functionality of a website. It mostly deals with the non-designing part where a website is constructed based on the PSD version of the design. This process is also known as conversion from PSD to HTML. To make the website functioning, a web developer uses programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT etc.

Eliminate the Myths

Certain prevalent myths mislead a candidate and act as a hindrance while opting for the most suitable course. Let us eliminate the most prevalent myths for you. Often candidates state that web development is harder than web designing training as it involves high-level programming. Others see website designing more complex as it involves intrinsic creativity. Being the best web development and web designing training institute in Chandigarh, we would like to dispel this myth.

You would be learning both courses from scratch which are equally hard to learn. You need to analyse your inherent qualities to make the right decision.

Both designers and developers can build a website from scratch where designers are focussed more on planning and designing whereas developers emphasise more on technical aspects by implementing the plan. Please don’t expect that web designing training in Mohali will not involve coding. A team of designers and developers work together where a web designer takes care of user experience.

Choose the best for you

If you are still confused and not able to decide whether you should enroll for web development training or web designing training in Chandigarh, then let us simplify this for you. You need to analyze your fundamental characteristics. A web designer can plan a layout and focuses more on visual characteristics. On the other hand, a web developer or programmer looks more into the technical aspect paying close attention to details.

In case of any query feel free to reach Piford Technologies for the best web development and web designing training in Chandigarh. We hope you will make the right decision.

Why Industrial Training is necessary for a bright career?

Being a college student you must be thrilled and a bit nervous to explore the real world. You must be waiting to practice your knowledge of real-life working projects. But the real world is full of challenges where you cannot afford making a mistake. It is better to prepare yourself beforehand by getting industrial training.

By enrolling for industrial training in Chandigarh at Piford you won’t only come across real-life situations rather gain insightful knowledge as well which would boost up your chances of getting a placement opportunity. If you are still not convinced to get Industrial Training in Chandigarh then you must go through the below-mentioned points.

The main objective of the industrial training course is to prepare fresh college graduates to join the field and to deal successfully with real problems in the real world.

With the emergence of the digital era, the demand for CSE students is rising day by day. Companies are ready to hire freshers with requisite knowledge and skills. By enrolling at Piford Technologies for 6 months industrial Training in Chandigarh you can grab the golden opportunity. Along with this, there are many more benefits of getting industrial training in Chandigarh such as-

  • Industrial Training prepares you for a job
  • An opportunity to get in-depth knowledge on a particular technology
  • A way to explore your field of interest
  • Improve self-confidence by facing real-world challenges
  • Better communication skills and social skills
  • Gain leadership qualities
  • Understand your social responsibility being a CSE

Now you must be convinced that industrial training can benefit you in numerous ways. The next important thing to understand is that how can you select out the best Industrial Training center. Several institutes are claiming to be the best industrial training providers in Chandigarh but you need to conduct your research on the below-mentioned points to find out the right training center for you.

Experience of the Company

You can trust a company with its age. Longer experience directly implies that the company is serious about their work. Make a thorough research about the company before making any decision.

Methods of training

Before enrolling you must go through the modules and training method that the institute is going to follow.

Background of instructors

A mentor plays a major role and it is necessary to ensure that the institute has a team of well-experienced mentors holding relevant skills.

Make Comparison

Don’t consider only one institute rather compare 2-3 best industrial training institutes in Chandigarh based on the syllabus, teachers, methodology, etc.

Placement Cell

An institute having good placement opportunities can help you in grabbing a good job at a prestigious company. You must be aware of the companies visiting the institute for placement purposes.

 What’s the conclusion?

From all the above-mentioned points we can conclude that industrial training in Chandigarh is very important for a successful career. It doesn’t only provide requisite skills rather allow being part of successful companies. And after following the above-mentioned research methodology one can find the most suitable institute for 6 months industrial training in Chandigarh.


The core benefits of industrial training

Industrial training is popular these days in communication and management. Students’ gets a hand on experiences of the job along with exposure of the real work environment. This helps them to enhance their skill in the practical workspace with education and experiences.

Industrial training is needed to shape a student and make them professional in their respective filed. Often industrial training is giving to make the candidate handle the situation and work pressure on their own. This trains them to endure the pressure in tough hours and also judges the mental capability of the candidate.

In India, many industrial training centers like industrial training in Chandigarh have popped out which offers a hand on observation and practical experiences. Candidates no sooner after finishing off with their theoretical education are given practical exposure to the industrial work profile.

Candidates become aware of the practical world and can differentiate between the theory and practical design of work. Let us have a look at what are the key benefits of industrial training in management and communication industries and organizations.

Building self-confidence

A fresher will have the least confidence to do the work professionally. Building mental strength to handle workload is a key factor of industrial training. No matter how much one studies, practical experience is the last thing which matters. Thus industrial training helps to build confidence to do the work with no mistake in the future and also helps them to build work ethics.

Increasing sound communications skills

Certain work profile needs good practical experience. Handling clients and creating good communications is something which matters the most in certain jobs. Thus candidates are made to put in a physical working environment to provide ideal skills development in communications.


Certain companies believe that the goal cannot be reached if there is a weaker team. Thus creating unity in the team is most important. One employee should do the work with the rest of the employees with dignity and confidence. They should help each other and maintain a good relationship. In housework, the environment should be made stronger which helps the company to prosper efficiently.

Building professional skills

When candidates are placed in a company or in an organization, it is expected that they maintain professionalism in the company. The work they do should be in the framework of work ethics. Working ethics comes when a candidate shows sheer professional quality in work. Thus industrial training helps the candidates to learn how a professional behave and how the behavior affects enhances the work quality efficiently.

Personal experience

Someone learns from the experiences they get in the practical work field. Maintaining real work exposure always helps a candidate to learn the basics. Mistakes are common. When someone does a mistake they learn from it. Thus personal experiences are helpful to frame candidates in the working environment.


Before wrapping up with the conclusion, some extra points need to be added. Apart from personal experience and another factor, the most important thing which candidates need to work is self-willing. It builds the morale to work in the live environment and also creates enthusiasm in the candidate.