‘Pay By Amazon’ Wallet Can Now Be Used To Pay 3rd Party Transactions; Digital India Vision Is Pushing Amazon India’s Boundaries?

‘Pay by Amazon’, Amazon’s own payment solution which now includes their own wallet, has been expanded to pay for 3rd party transactions as well. As per a recent push to increase its usage, Amazon India has tied up with 25 digital services and startups, for which Amazon users can now use Amazon Pay balance to complete the transactions.

Some of the startups with have agreed to become part of Amazon’s eco-system for digital payments include: Crocs, Sennheiser, Café Coffee Day. And this is not the end as Amazon India is also partnering with leading ecommerce platforms like Kartrocket and Zepo for integrating ‘Pay By Amazon’ into their platform. Users of their platforms can now offer Amazon-enable services like saved card details, and pre-paid balance checkouts.

As per reports coming in, Amazon India is in talks with startups specializing in online food aggregation, travel, ticketing and entertainment space more expansion of their payments solution.

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