C Training Chandigarh

C Training Chandigarh

C Training Chandigarh – Piford Technologies

Piford Technologies is a USA based “Software Development Company” and Piford provide C Training Chandigarh. Piford is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company. PIFORD also give an opportunity to students to work on LIVE Projects & Develop Products which is required to industry during their Industrial & Professional Training.

Introduction of C Training Chandigarh

C is a general-purpose programming language, and is used for writing programs in many different domains, such as operating systems, numerical computing, graphical applications, etc. It is a small language, with just 32 keywords (see [HS95, page 23]). It provides “high-level” structured programming constructs such as statement grouping, decision making, and looping, as well as “low level” capabilities such as the ability to manipulate bytes and addresses.

Features of C Training Chandigarh

C is the most popular programming language, C has many features:

1. Modularity : Modularity is one of the important feature of C. you can divided the C program into no. of modules rather of repeating the same logic statements. C programming provide the user re-usability of element.

2. Middle-level language : C programming language is the combination of both advantages of high level and low level languages.

3. General purpose programming language : C programming can be used to implement different kind of applications such as math’s graphics,oriented.

4. Portability : you can compile or execute C programs in any operating system(unix, dos, windows).

5. Powerful programming language : C is very cost-effective and powerful programming language. It is best used for data structures & designing system software. C is case-sensitive programming language.

Advantages of C Training Chandigarh

1. C language is a structure for many other currently known languages. C language has mixture of data types and powerful operators. Programs written in C language are fast, efficient and its easy to understand.

2. C is extremely movable communication.you can written program for one computer and then you can easily run the programs on another computer without any change.

3. In c programming language, there are Various standard functions are available which can be used for processing programs.

4. Its ability to increase itself. A C program is basically a group of functions that are supported by the C library. This makes us easier to add our own functions to C library.

5. C language is a structured programming language. Collection of these modules makes a complete program. This modular structure makes program testing,debugging and maintenance easier.

Scope of c Training Chandigarh

C/C++ was never looked upon as a web service language, and as such has remained as a language of choice at engineering/research companies. People believe many hardware/embedded or networking companies still use them to develop software. Although Java may still pose a threat to its growth as we’re seeing Sun market them for embedded and mobile systems.C is highly portable language.

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