C Plus Plus Training Course In Chandigarh


C Plus Plus Training Course In Chandigarh

Piford Technologies provide you best C Plus Plus Training Course In Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula . We have best faculty in this region. We are basically the development company having separate division for training where we give training on real time projects which will give you the flavor of employment. High end meting out systems with internet way in makes the students to study, practice, and work professionally and to clear their fears immediately.


  • C++ Development IDE: Visual Studio 2010
  • Understanding datatype & variables in C++
  • Understanding Identifiers, Characters & Strings
  • Programs Implementation & Self Practice

  • User Defined Datatypes
  • Implementing constants and Enumerations
  • Understanding Boolean Expression, Operators and Assignment
  • statements
  • Type casting in C++
  • Programs Implementation & Self Practice

  • Implementing Structures in C++
  • Implementing functions in C++
  • Introduction to OOPs, Classes in OOPs
  • Implementing Objects in C++ : Concept of “NEW” and “DELETE”
  • Programs Implementation & Self Practice

  • Implementing/Coding conditional construct and looping
  • Implementing/Coding abstraction and encapsulation
  • Implementing/Coding static variables and function
  • Implementing/Coding static polymorphism (function, constructor overloading)


  • Implementing/Coding dynamic polymorphism (abstract classes and interface)-1
  • Understanding 2D Arrays in C++
  • Branch and Loop statements: For loop, While, do…while
  • IF Else statements and Switch Case in C++

  • Introduction to Pointers in c++
  • Passing variables by Value and Reference
  • Implementing Recursion & Linked Lists in C++
  • File Handling in C++

  • Debugging in C++
  • Advanced File Handling concepts in C++
  • Reading and writing in files
  • Introduction to graphics in C++

  • Designing layouts using C++
  • Integrating C++ code with the database – 1
  • Integrating C++ code with the database – 2

Hours of Study (Duration)

  • Classes are held on Monday to Friday, approximately 10 hours per week.
  • Duration: 6 Months / 3 Months / 6 Weeks / Weekend

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